Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Living in Glory

When I was a child, I would visit my grandparents in Greenbrier, Arkansas. When we worshiped with them, we would hear lessons from their preacher, Ted Knight. Ted and Barbara Knight have been family friends for years. My mother even went to Romania with them to do mission work.

After moving to Cookeville, and meeting Roy Brown, I learned that he and his family also had a relationship with the Knights. Ted had come for several meetings at Willow Avenue, all the way back to 1969. He had known Fred and Alma Brown since that time. Roy Brown also served as an elder for several years at the church in Levy, Arkansas where brother Knight preached.

Ted wrote this note to Roy, and I asked Ted if I could use it in the funeral and for our bulletin. I hope you enjoy it.

April 23, 2012

Dear Roy,

You probably already know all of this but I thought that we would send it on to you anyway and maybe some of your family that hasn’t heard much about it would enjoy hearing it. When we learned of your mother’s death yesterday, Barbara said, “Alma is now in her Glory Hole.” I asked, “What in the world are you talking about?” She told me the following story that I had not thought of in a long time but Barbara will never forget it.

I was sitting at Alma’s kitchen table and I told her that she had a beautiful lamp and asked her where she got it. Alma said, “I got it out of the Glory Hole.” I said, “Really, I want to go to the Glory Hole!” Alma laughed and said, “You can’t."

"When my father married my mother he built her a new home. The house was a two story house with three gables on the roof. On each side of the upstairs were bedrooms and in the middle was the attic, which we called the Glory Hole. Everything that we didn’t want we pitched into the Glory Hole. One time later I needed a lamp and my mother had taken her old coal oil lamp and put it in the Glory Hole. Fred and I went and got the lamp because when we needed something we went to the Glory Hole and dug it out. Fred got the old lamp and had it converted into an electric lamp for me and I have had it ever since.”

My Lady speaks at a lot of Ladies Day programs and she sometimes speaks to the ladies about Alma Brown’s Glory Hole and they love it. Alma doesn’t need anything now, she’s in her Glory Hole and My Lady is still looking for hers.

Your Mother is gone from among us but she and your Dad will certainly never be forgotten by us.


Ted & Barbara Knight

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