Friday, June 29, 2007

The Big Screen

What kind of influence does entertainment really have on our culture? It may be bigger than you think. When I grew up, the mainstream, popular movies were E.T., The Stars Wars Trilogy, The Indiana Jones movies, and the like. While Spiderman, and Pirates of the Caribbean 3, and some of the other summer blockbusters might not be too bad, many of the mainstream movies today are nothing but filth. If you want to check the content of a movie to examine whether or not it is suitable for you and your children, I suggest looking at
According to The Gallup Poll, May, 2006, more than one-fourth of movie-goers feel they have seen a movie that has had a profound effect on their religious beliefs. 81% of this group said the movie strengthened their faith, and about 14% said that it weakened their faith. 5% did not comment either way.
I imagine the reason a majority said there was a movie which strengthened their faith is largely due to the movie, The Passion of the Christ. Although this movie was both fiction and non-fiction in content, the scourging scene and the crucifixion help Christians recognize the torture that Jesus experienced for the salvation of mankind.
I also imagine that movies like The Da Vinci Code, anything directed by Michael Moore, and documentaries that attempt to discredit the true identity of Jesus make up for those who have let the cinema have a negative influence on their faith. It is sad that many are willing to make big bucks by thriving on controversy. But folks go to watch these movies for the thrill of anything that looks like rebellion.
The real purpose of this article, however, is to encourage the reader not to let the media or the entertainment world have ANY influence on what is to be believed. I watched The Passion of the Christ, but if I had never watched it I would still believe that Jesus died the cruelest of deaths for my sins. I do not support controversial movies that attack Christianity and I will not pay one penny to view them. But even if I did see them, I would not let bogus authority lead me down a path of doubt.
The only thing to be accepted or rejected with regard to religion lies between Genesis 1:1 and Revelation 22:21. I would add that the historical reality of the life of Jesus on this earth and the creation itself are also extant for our consideration. These alone are meant to be the influencing factors for all cultures.
So don’t ever forget that a movie is just a movie, the media is not equipped with the truth, and the Word of God stands forever.

“That your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.” ~ (1 Cor. 2:5)


  1. The daily articles are so good.
    I appreciate you brother.
    Keep up the EXCELLENT work.

  2. It is a good reminder that everything we really need is in God's word so we need to search the scriptures daily.