Thursday, June 14, 2007

Christian, Second-Class

Today at lunch I took my boys to a Pizza Hut (their favorite spot). There sitting with a group was a young lady who worships with us. I found out the group had been to a local VBS that was being held by another congregation. This local church wears a similar name on their building, but does not fellowship with our congregation because we support certain works (Agape being one of them). It was very clear that the hostess of this group of children didn't want to speak to me. I guess she felt it might be fellowship.Yet one of our young ladies was not afraid to attend their VBS. Perhaps our little girl is too young to think about drawing lines. Perhaps she is not hard-hearted enough to hold something against a brother. She just wants to worship God and enjoy her friendships. Some of these simple ideas could do us all some good.
I am trying to understand why certain lines have been drawn. I am trying to understand why some of God's people make others feel like second-class Christians. I don't believe there are any such saints. There are erring Christians, and there are those who claim Christianity who have never obeyed the steps of salvation and rest on a false hope. There are reasons not to have fellowship with brethren who walk in an unruly fashion. But I know I could worship with these folks, if they would only cease from holding these human guidelines which made their sweeping movement through this county 50 years ago. I want to be their brother. I want to go to heaven with them. Unfortunately, as Satan would have it, this sentiment does not seem to be mutual. At least not under these conditions. My real concern? How can we make to heaven together, if we can't even live in peace at the Pizza Hut?


  1. Great post today, so true. It happens all the time here too.

  2. This situation I have experienced.
    I just acted and talked as I would in any other group of Christians. I worship occasionally with the congergation that you are refering to. I invited two preachers of congergations that do not see the Bible as I do and guess what, they come and worshiped with me.
    It takes extra effort brother.
    Tom Stanford

  3. I appreciate both comments. I have actually had very good conversations with several members and preachers from these congregations and almost always they are positive. I feel like one good way of bridge-bulding would be attendance to one of their meetings or VBS or whatever, but I scarcely have had the time. As was said, it takes extra effort. We have had folks join Pulaski St. from congregations that refused to support children's homes and other efforts and they have all said they had never believed in some of these hard-line ideas. We just need to work hard to be Christians and bind only what the Scriptures have bound. We need extra love and appreciation for one another as we work it all out. My prayer is unity according to the Bible, and with God's help perhaps we will make it.