Monday, August 25, 2008

"Free Bible Study"

It is that third word that gets most people. As I was assigning this title to the church marquee I though about how many responses I would get if I just posted "Free Bible." Most people would take a free Bible. I am even confident that I would run out of free Bibles pretty quickly. But the third word involves several things that makes the call much tougher:

1. Commitment. How committed are you to Bible study? I made myself a promise earlier this month that I would ready Ephesians every day for a month. I have already missed some days. Beyond this is what most preachers and missionaries have dealt with for years - people say they will study, and then they drop you. People commit to a time, and something comes up. I have had more cancellations than studies. "Next time" is Satan's favorite phrase and he offers it to people in ready supply.

2. Submission. Most folks can see the difference in having a Bible they study alone and actually studying with someone who is experienced. They are afraid they will be challenged to do things they don't want to do. They are afraid of being "indoctrinated." They have a hard time being told they are wrong about spiritual matters. The key to this is to let people know that as we study we let the Bible speak. There is an humble art to studying with someone and leading them to the truth so they can draw their own conclusions.

3. Worldliness. When a person says they are ready to begin studying the Bible, what they are really admitting is that the world is not working for them. They know very well the difference between what God offers and what the world has going. But people who are entrenched in worldliness are completely satisfied with temporal pleasures and false hope. As long as things are going well, they will probably not be ready to study. A free Bible? Sure, why not? But a Bible thanks. They have already made their choice.

Ironically, we would appreciate help and our opportunity to study the Bible without persecution if such freedoms were not available. We need to remember that we have a God who speaks to us freely all of the time. We just need to open up His word and listen.

"Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." ~ 2 Timothy 2:15


  1. An increasing problem I run into when attempting to study is agreeing that the Bible is the final authority and is inspired (entirely) by God.

    More and more people have the attitude of "It's written by men" and therefore imperfect. It is especially frustrating when Christians advocate this view.

  2. Great post Jeremiah. What I get frustrated about in the recent Bible studies I've been a part of is that fact that more and more, the Bible is not even the preferred guide any longer. I'm hearing more and more about "what other churches are doing" and "what they hear on Christian Radio" than I do about what the Bible says about the matter. Your previous topic is a prime example of how adding instruments really caused another church to grow exponentially. So what! I say.... God want's pure, undefiled religion moreso than a packed, crowded church hall of unscriptural entertainment. Free Bible Study is needed through out the whole world, but sadly, the world is too interested in pleasing themselves, than in pleasing God. Keep it up.