Monday, October 6, 2008

Making a Decision

An accident. A job loss. A death in the family. A divorce. A broken relationship. A wrong suffered. These are not events to which we look forward. But these are events that do take place in our lives.

An achievement. A job promotion. A birth. A marriage. A rekindled relationship. An encouragement. We seem to appreciate these things more. We hope for these things. We thank God for them.

I have been thinking this week about the importance of making spiritual decisions. Note that I am writing this on a Monday, the day after nine members of our spiritual family came forward to repent. Something happened to them Sunday that caused them to make a decision. It was a decision they have all been needing to make for some time.

So what do two lists; one of negative life changing experiences and one of positive life changing experiences have to do with it? These events touch our lives and keep us from being stagnant. They force us to think about what matters. They help us to keep from being distracted by everyday living. Often these events force us to make the spiritual decisions that have been long overdo.

I am confident that our gospel meeting will have an effect on some people for a good while. It is an event that has caused many of us to make a decision. This is why we have gospel meetings. It is about what the Bible can do to change our lives. It is about submitting to the perfect will of God. It is about spiritual blessings. It is about faith.

Think about these two lists again. While at first we may thank God for one and hope to avoid the other...we ought to thank God for both. I used to think that my life was best when things were status quo, nothing much going on, just living. But I have learned to embrace challenging times as opportunities from God. These are our chances to change. These are our chances to make important, spiritual decisions.

I am praying for you, friend. But I am not praying that your life will be without life changing events. Instead, I am praying that your life will be blessed with events that will lead you to spiritual opportunities. I am praying that when these moments come you will make a decision. I am praying that your decision will save your soul.

"...choose you this day whom ye will serve..." ~ Joshua 24:15
"The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord." ~ Job 1:21

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