Monday, October 26, 2009

Christian Friends

There are some blessings in life that mean more than others. One of those blessings that bears great significance is the sense of belonging. Many people in this world struggle to ever find their place - in their families, in the communities, in their society. But I am not faced with this particular problem. Why? Because I am a Christian!

One of the best things about being a Christian is that you have family everywhere. When we went to Florida on vacation a few weeks ago, I found some of my family at the South Walton church of Christ. This past Friday and Saturday I spent come time in Kentucky, and got to be with some of my family again - Garrisons, Obrons, Stubblefields, Fortenberys, and Fergusons. I had some great moments just talking with some of my best friends in this world, Greg and Frankie Ferguson, and just catching up on what is going on in their lives.

When Sunday came around, I was in Alamo, TN. Though I missed my wife and children and my family in Lawrenceburg, I was still not alone. I spent the day with my Christian friends. Some who I have never met were there, and some who I have have known and who I have come to respect and love were there as well.

One lady in particular that came to worship reminded me of the importance of the church in my life. Her name is Frances Bruce. She is 97 years old and still drives. She is as sharp as they come. She stopped me before I went up to preach and told me, "You have a friend of mine who worships with you in Lawrenceburg. His name is David Pinckley." She went on to tell me that she has a relative that receives our bulletin. I also found out that her brother and his wife were best friends with David's parents for many years.

I immediately called David and told him about Frances. I know it was a joyous thing for him to hear that she was still living, and to know he had a connection to his parents. I am confident her name being mentioned took him back to precious memories of good times, that could only be available to people who are in the church who have Christian friends.

When you are a Christian, you are never alone. The greatest people on earth become your family. And no matter where you go, even when you are not at home, you can find a place that you can call home for a while.

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