Monday, December 7, 2009


2009 is coming to a close. I am sure that many of you are thinking what I am thinking - "2010? Are you kidding?" Not long ago it seemed that there was a lot of talk about Y2K and the beginning of a new millenium. Now we are looking at another decade gone by, and we are inviting a new one. I think that this is adequate cause for some reflections on the past year.

We have experienced losses. Many of us have had to deal with deaths of family and friends. As a church family here we have lost some very faithful members who were great examples. We know things are never going to be the same now that these people have left us. We have also experienced a great loss of those who no longer worship with us for different reasons. This is also a great tragedy and Lord willing these people will understand how much we love them and how much the Lord loves them and that they desire to return again.

We have experienced additions. Some of us have added to our physical families through births or marriages. As a church we have seen several obey the gospel and others who were already Christians have come into the local body as well. We have also gained four new elders, who are doing a great job along with the other men who serve in this capacity. These spiritual gains make us a better and stronger body than we could have been otherwise. I hope all of you who are now at Pulaski St. as a part of this family know how happy we are to have you here. We want to be a continual support and help to every person in this congregation as well as others we may influence for Christ's sake.

There have been other losses and gains: Financial, Occupational, Domestic, Scholastic, et cetera. People have made changes that will affect their lives forever from this point forward. It is my hope and prayer that whatever changes you have experienced this year will work out for the best - that your relationship with God will be stronger, that your current and eternal future is brighter, and that you will enjoy good health and years of happiness to come.

While the times change, and we get older, and we face challenges and opportnities ahead, we need to remember that we serve an unchanging God. He existed before time began and will always be. He is the giver of every good and perfect gift. He is the sustainer and maintainer of our lives. He is the one who loves us no matter what, and the one who will always be there for us. He is our hope, our rock, our shield, our peace, and our joy. We will never fail if we will do His will and love and trust in Him. Our God is still the answer to all of the questions of our lives.

Thank you, Lord, for 2009. Please be with us and help us in 2010!

"The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace." ~ Numbers 6:24-26

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