Monday, February 21, 2011

Trouble in the "Audit"-orium

Have you ever audited a class? Have you ever audited a relationship with God? Seriously - there are too many people who are just filling a pew. Consider the danger you may be in spiritually if you are doing nothing more than sitting in the "audit-orium."

1. When auditing, you are not required to take any tests.

People who are not going to be tested are less likely to study. The reason many church members don't know the Bible anymore is because they are not being tested on its contents. If you share your faith, you will be tested. If you are tested, you will have to study and prepare. Tests are healthy and make for a stronger faith in Christ.

2. When auditing, you are not going to receive credit for taking the course.

You do get to listen, and you can learn some things, but at the end of the semester you are going to be in the same place as far as your degree in concerned. People who only sit in the auditorium and do nothing else are not making good progress. They may not even have any spiritual goals they have determined to meet, and so they end up wasting away.

3. When auditing, you are not accountable for your attendance.

The reason why assemblies fluctuate so much in attendance is because there are many people who are not invested deeply enough in their relationship with God. There has always been an attitude out there with some people that missing the assembly is no big deal. I am glad I do not understand that mentality. When we don't come to class, how can we expect to pass? It makes sense to link the level of our dedication with the probability of our being pleasing to the Lord.

4. When auditing, you don't receive a grade.

Maybe this is the main reason why people audit their religion. They may be afraid they are a C- Christian or worse. We need to remember that God is going to pay each and every faithful person the same wage. Yet some folks would rather not be graded at all. They would rather not hear how they are doing. The ultimate problem of course, is the fact that God IS going to judge our souls and either count us as His child, or as one who belongs to Satan.

Every time we come together as a church, we will gather in the auditorium as a family to worship God. What a wonderful opportunity! It is a place of love, fellowship, family, grace, peace, joy, and many other spiritual blessings. Let's not let the auditorium become the "audit"-orium. May God help us to be Christians who are fully dedicated to the Lord and His church!

"Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you." ~ James 4:7

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  1. both of your last two posts have been beautiful! Thank you.