Sunday, March 20, 2011

Emmaus Poem

I wrote this tonight to illustrate the account from Luke 24 - when the resurrected Jesus appeared to the men traveling on the road to Emmaus.

A Lesson Learned on a Dusty Road

A dusty road, Emmaus bound,
Two men both searching through heart and mind,
Another Man the same path found,
Unknown to them, almost as blind.

“What is this news that makes you sad?”
Said stranger to the traveling friends.
“Have you not heard or are you mad?”-
The men replied, “Where have you been?”

“Jesus was the chosen one:
A prophet mighty in word and deed,
Some even said, God’s only Son.
We thought all Israel would be freed.

But evil rulers of our land,
Rejected him, beat him and took him away.
Drove nails into his outstretched hands,
Spear in His side before Sabbath day.

Three days have passed and now this news,
Some women came to tell today,
That when they visited his tomb,
The sealing stone was rolled away.

His body was not there, it seemed,
And angels shining like the sun,
Proclaimed a resurrection scene,
They said He promised this would come."

“Oh foolish men and hard of heart,”
Said stranger to the traveling two,
“This suffering death was just the part
That Christ had come to earth to do.”

Beginning at the Scriptures, then,
The stranger talked of Jesus’ fate,
Arriving home - the day now spent,
They gathered in the house and ate.

And as the bread for them He broke,
And thanked their God for grace to man,
They knew Him not by what he spoke,
But by the scars upon His hands.

He vanished quickly from their sight,
They marveled at what had occurred,
It was the Son of God Himself,
Who made their hearts burn at His word!

A dusty road, Emmaus bound,
Two men searching through heart and mind,
Another Man the same path found,
To preach salvation for all time.


  1. I like this.
    Tom S

  2. Thanks for a full poetic telling of this event. I appreciate the work you put into this poem.