Monday, September 10, 2012

"Hey, Dad..."

"Hey, Dad...wanna play catch?" "Yes, I will be there in a minute." "Thanks." "Good pitch son, do it again..."

"Hey, do you use one of those open-spooled reels?" "Come here and I'll show you." "Ok, thanks!"

"Hey, you think we will catch any fish today?" "Well, we are going to try, Jeremy. The weather looks pretty good. Maybe we will have good luck like last time."

"Hey, Dad...wanna go to lunch, we will go eat some barbeque?" "Yeah, that sounds good, let's go."

"Hey, Dad...this light came on in the car and I think we are having a problem, what should I do?" "Tell me what happened, Jeremy, and I will try to help, do you need me to come over?"

"Hey, Dad, I just got a nicer Willie Mays for our 59' Topps set, a real sweat one, pretty good price." "Oh, yeah, cool, bring it over and we will swap it out."

"Hey, Dad, I wanna talk to you about borrowing some money so I can get a truck." "Sure, what do you have in mind?"

"Hey, Dad, I killed a ten-pointer this morning! My first buck ever!" "Wow, really? How'd you get it?"

"Hey, Dad, I just broke my 5K time again. By a whole minute, in fact I actually won the race." "Wow, that's really good, Jeremy. That is pretty fast. You are really improving."

"Hey, Dad, what did you think about meeting Bill Cosby?" "You know I really had a good time, that guy talked for an hour and a half and it only seemed like a few minutes."

"Hey, Dad, thanks for always being there for me. I am glad you are my Dad. I love you." "I am proud of you, Son. I love you, too."

"Hey, Dad, what is it like over there? Is it peaceful? Is it amazing? Is it everything God promised it would be?..."


  1. That is wonderful to have such sweet memories of your dad. You are very blessed. Thinking of you and your family.

  2. What a man!!! Like father like son!