Sunday, February 10, 2013

Zija, Advocare, or Jesus?

Everybody seems to be promoting something these days. I am invited several times a week to try new products. These products are always going to "change my life." I have no doubt that there are many good products out there. Sometimes I can be persuaded to try something new and sometimes I can even become a regular buyer of a product or two. If this were not the case with me as it is with others, no one would be selling anything.

First of all, to you who are out there promoting these products, I give you a great deal of credit. I admire people who are in sales. You really have to want people to buy the product enough to promote it. You really have to care enough to be persistent and invent new strategies to sell your product. You have to go the extra mile. You have to believe in the product. You have to make sacrifices to be successful with it. My comments in this article only salute you and attempt to use your gumption and your nerve and your faithful dedication to make a point.

How do we really feel about Jesus? I have a lot of Christian friends who work for hours every week to sell Zija, Advocare, and other products that are the newest thing that I cannot live without (please understand my friends I support you - and do like some of these products). I just wonder what kind of difference we would make if we promoted Christ and His church with as much dedication and fervor as we do some of the things in this world.

I am of the opinion that the church would steadily grow if everybody simply kept asking and encouraging people to come to worship - or to study the Bible. Let's face it, once we make such invitations we know that we'd better be equipped to follow up with these people and continue to help them along. Maybe it is our lack of dedication to Bible study, or soul winning, or investing in souls or the work that is involved that is prohibiting us from growth.

And then there is also the fact that when it comes to persuading people about Christ - there isn't any money to be gained. We work hard in business to put ourselves out there because we are trying to put food on the table. There is a real need we are addressing when we work, so such is very commendable. And people are so hard working! Everyone I know who promotes these products arleady has a job they work full-time.

It just occurs to me, that if we loved Jesus as much as we claim to, that as the sellers of these products never stop talking about them, we would never stop talking about Jesus either. It just occurs to me, that if we valued souls as much as we valued putting food on the table, we would never stop working at winning them. It just occurs to me, that if all of these products are going to change my earthly life, then it makes even more sense to talk about that one thing that can change eternity.

I believe in many things. I put my faith in many things. But supremely and above all others in every way, I am going to believe and put my faith completely in Jesus, the Bible, and His church. And if that is really what I am doing, it should not seem to you as if it were a secret.

"By long forbearance even a ruler is persuaded, And a gentle tongue breaks a bone." - Proverbs 25:15

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