Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Giving and Sharing

My four-year-old daughter taught me two lessons this week just by being herself. The first was on sharing and the second was on giving:

1. When she found out that her little friend, Kyla Adams, was coming on Friday to stay overnight with her and spend most of Saturday at our house, she was very excited. Many times when we find out people are coming over, we are also wanting to know when they are going to leave. But not Lyssa. In fact she said to me, "I cannot wait for Kyla to come and stay with us, because I am going to play with her and share all of my toys with her." She was looking forward to Kyla getting to play with her toys. I am confident that she would be willing to let her friend even take some of her toys indefinitely.

2. On Sunday morning, Lyssa was acting up in worship just before it was time for the offering. Amber had to take her out and discipline her. When they got back, the plates had already been passed. Our kids enjoy giving their money to God. When Lyssa found out that she had missed her opportunity to give, she began to cry. It was very difficult to console her, and we thought we might need to take her out again because she was so upset. She wanted to give her money and was crying because that moment had slipped from her grasp. I couldn't help but think, on the flip side, how adults cry about giving because they don't want to. How easy it becomes for adults to hold back from God!

Amber and I are thankful for our children for at least 1,000 reasons. But we may be most thankful for the lessons we learn from them about faith. Adults struggle with sharing and giving. Satan changes open, childlike hearts into closed, cynical, seflish hearts if we let him.

Let's remember during this season of thanksgiving and of doing for others, that God has from His heart given us everything so freely, even the blood of His Son. May God help us to share and to give like little children. May God help us to love unconditionally, to forgive completely, and to embrace our relationship with Him an with one another.

"But do not forget to do good and to share, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased." ~ Hebrews 13:16

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