Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Do You Know How He Would Do It?

Whenever we lose a loved one, there are certain duties we carry out in order to honor their wishes and preserve their memory. Sometimes the "Last Will and Testament" is there for us to help us know exactly what to do. The funeral arrangements may have been made already, and so all that has to be done is the work itself.

But on many other levels we find ourselves without written guidelines. It is by spending years with our loved ones that we still know what they would say or think or do in a given situation. Only through the depth of our personal relationship and association and time spent with them can we know just how they would react or perform in certain situations.

The Bible is God's last will and testament. We know what God wants us to do because it is written in His Word. When Jesus was on the earth, mankind had a bodily example of the way God would do things. When Jesus left, He gave the Holy Spirit to guide the apostles when He was not there. Now that God's will has been completely revealed in the Bible, the Scriptures alone exist as our way of understanding how God would have things to be done.

When we do not have the Bible with us, and when we cannot recall the specific verses or words, it is through our time spent with it that we will still generally know how to be and what to do. If we are not spending a good amount of our daily lives in the Scriptures, we will not behave as God would want, and we will not know how to carry out His will in our lives.

When we cannot be in the very presence of our departed loved ones, there is an immeasurable comfort of still being connected with them by simply knowing what they would do and think and say if they were here. When we act according to that knowledge, they live on in our lives and their influence passes on from generation to generation.

God set up the earthly family to exist as a heritage. He set up His Word through the spiritual family in the same way. When we draw close to Him we can think like He thinks, speak as He speaks, and live as He lives. In so doing, His eternal power and love and presence in our lives goes on forever...

"Your testimonies I have taken as a heritage forever, For they are the rejoicing of my heart." ~ Psalm 119:111

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