Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Your Favorite Song

Please participate in this exercise. I want you to think of your favorite song. Now think of why you like it so much. Is it the tune, the beat, the lyrics? What is it about that song that makes it special to you? I have to be honest and say that when you thought of the song, I hope it was a spiritual song and not a secular one. Please take a moment to reflect with me on the impact of spiritual songs in the musical worship of the church.

Ephesians 5:19 and Colossians 3:16 are two well known verses that describe the blessings of spiritual songs in worship. These verses remind us that God-authored, musical worship is:
1. Directed to God and for God.
2. Instructive and thought provoking.
3. Uplifting and admonishing.
4. An expression of the heart from the lips and mouth.

The most meaningful aspects of singing in worship involve what is on our mind and in our hearts. The notes and our abilitly to perform them are not very important. But what we think and how we feel while singing is an expression of our love and thanks and our appreciation as we relate to our God. While it makes sense that we would give our best effort as we sing, obedience and adoration are the keys to successful and inspirational worship to the Lord.

Having a favorite song is an additional example of the blessings that come with worship. You may not have one favorite, but I am sure you can think of some songs or lyrics that speak to you and help you spiritually to be comforted. My son recently told me that his new favorite song is "Living by faith." I decided to ask him why. He said it makes him feel safe. I think that is wonderful! This discussion reminded me how songs touch each one of us differently and how we can be strengthened by one another as we discuss the words that convey the spiritual ideas of the songs.

Be thankful today for the blessing of music. It is a gift from God. Sing to Him. It will change your attitude and bless your life. It will give you the resolve to live for the one who died for you.

"Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing psalms." ~ James 5:13

"...from all harm safe, in His sheltering arm. I'm living by faith, and feel no alarm." ~ James S. Wells (1918)

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