Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Faith for Tomorrow

The coming of a new year causes every person to reflect upon the year that has just passed. For most, we not only look at the recent past but we examine our entire life on some level. With this reflection is the reminder that we have no idea what the future really holds. We look back and see how many things have happened that we could not expect or predict. We understand that 2013 will be full of more of these unforeseen moments.

I received an old bulletin article from a friend this week. It was actually published in our bulletin over 4 years ago. I have heard many definitions of faith over the years. But in this article there was one I had not heard before  - "Faith is the bird that sings in the darkest hours, sensing the dawn."

I thought about all those nights I have heard that bird near our window. Hours before light, sometimes a happy bird would sing under the pitch black sky. I have often wondered what that bird was doing. I wished someone would clue him in about what time it was because I wanted to get more sleep. I did not want to get out of a warm bed and go outside to quiet that bird. But many times I almost got up anyway.

I now realize what the bird's song was teaching. It is a song of anticipation and hope. It is a song about the brightness of the future. It is a song of faith and the joy of the dawning of tomorrow.

I do not know about 2013. I do not know what blessings and sorrows await us. I only know that I love God, I love my family, I love the church, I love people, and I love the blessing of life that God has given to us all. From my heart to yours, I hope that your faith will sing like that bird in the night, anticipating the dawn. I hope that God would grant you, according to His tender mercies, life and peace and joy and a hope that cannot be described with human words.

Whenever the dawn would come, that bird was no longer heard. I understood why. The anticipation had ended, the light had come, and the bird had taken wing. And so it is with us. 2013 has arrived. We cannot stay in the shelter of the evening nest. God has given us the dawn. This is our time. We must fly.

"Our soul has escaped as a bird from the snare of the fowlers; The snare is broken, and we have escaped." ~ Psalm 124:7

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