Monday, July 8, 2013

Passed Over

Read your Bible. No, seriously, read it! There are so many treasures and truths you have passed over that you know nothing about yet. So you say you have read through the entire Bible in a year? Great! But guess what, you missed some things. I know it. I have been in the church and have been engaged in Bible study for right at 40 years, and some recent Bible readings exposed to me some spiritual blessings and helpful facts I had not yet known or understood. Some of these things I had just somehow overlooked.

For example, the final kingdom parable in Matthew 13:52. I bet you have never studied it and I bet you have never heard it taught in a Bible class. I won't tell you what it is. Look it up and enjoy it! And speaking of things "passed over" - did you know that when Josiah's reforms brought the Passover feast back, that no king of Israel, whether in the united or divided kingdom, had ever observed it before - not even David? (2 Chron. 35:18)! Had you just assumed that David faithfully kept the Passover?

Reading through the gospels, enjoy the different ways the four writers look at the life of Christ. Even a few different words used in similar accounts will reveal things to you that will help you know the Savior better! You will receive a glimpse through a first-century window into the moments when the Son of God visited men. You will see His wisdom, His humility, His reverence to God, and His gentle way of serving and teaching as He changed the world forever.

We watch our television programs and our movies. We spend time on facebook, twitter, and other social media. We listen to our ipods while we play games on our ipads. But friends, the precious Book Divine is getting passed over. None of these other things can prepare you for time and eternity. None of these other things will change you from the inside out. These other things are passing away, but the Bible will last forever, and it will judge us in the last day.

Let's be thankful for the Bible! It is the mind of God in human language! It is the good news! It is the power of God unto salvation! It is everlasting joy and peace!

"I have rejoiced in the way of Your testimonies, As much as in all riches." ~ Psalm 119:14


  1. This is so true! A side note: Upon recommendation from my sister, I started using on my phone. It is amazing to catch all the points I miss when I read it to myself.

  2. I have found scheduled daily Bible reading is the best. Schedule is the secret.