Friday, September 7, 2007

Truth and her Children

Mary Winkler said she was abused. She said she was forced to do things she didn't want to do. She says that her husband was abusive to her and her children...

These were things she said after her lawyers helped her plan her best escape from the murder she committed. Her first testimony was, "My ugly came out." In her first interview (on tape) she claimed that the one thing she didn't want was for Matthew Winkler to be defamed and persecuted. Now it seems she is first in line to do it herself.

The question that keeps coming back to me is this - How can a person who really loves the Lord persecute His church? The latest is the Oprah Winfrey show, September 12th. She will appear on the show to tell, "what really happened." Sorry to say, but I doubt it. Only Matthew and Mary will ever know what happened in their home. The media isn't going to tell the true story, they don't know it. Some may say she is doing this for custody of the children, or perhaps for some other reason.

Two things are for certain. 1. Mary Winkler is well pleased to slander the man she shot in the back who is not here to defend himself. 2. Mary Winkler does not care about the church, otherwise she would stop attempting to make it a byword in the public arena.

The Lord will work it out. Praise His name!

"...wisdom is justified by her deeds." ~ Matthew 11:19


  1. I read your blog every day (or every other day), but I HATE typing (kinda tough in our profession, huh?), so I don't usually leave comments, etc. I hope that you already know this --- but I think you do a GREAT job with this. This article is just the latest example of that. Keep up the good work and give your family a hug & kiss from Grampy.

  2. I'm glad you ended with the phrase "God will work it out." No matter what happens in this sad story we can rest assured knowing that God will work all this out for His glory.

  3. Maybe it is all true. Something happened to her. Obviously, I don't think that justifies murder. I do know that her name arouses extreme emotions in a lot of people on both sides of the issues.

    I thought you might be interested to know that she is a penitent sister in Christ. Mary worships with the Arlington congregation in McMinnville. No, they are not a liberal, anything goes congegation. It must be a real test of their forgiveness to accept her in fellowship. Preachers always ask the question, "What if Jeffrey Dahmer wanted to worship with you." We might ask, "What if Mary Winkler was the one you passed the communion plate to every Sunday?" What a test of forgivness! I don't know how I would handle it.

  4. Thank Paula,
    I know very little about what happens between a husband and wife in their home. I think in a large way this is as it should be. But I do know that God sees everything. And as Abraham said, "Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?"

  5. At first I was hesitant to post this story. As Wes has commented, there are a lot of folks who are very emotional about this incident on both sides. I am pleased that I did post it now, because of the comments. There are many things that some folks in the closest circles within these families know about that have not reached the courtroom or the media. I have great respect for the Winkler family because they have worked so hard not to hurt the church, suffering personally in the meantime. I forgive Mary for what she has done. I forgive Matthew for any sins he may have committed in his earthly lieftime. It is an unfortunate occurance with no happy ending this side of heaven. But in the meantime I will do all I can can to defend the church of our God. I don't believe Mary going on Oprah has this in mind. But either way, we will press on.

  6. As a mother and an older Christian woman who has through the years studied, prayed, and wept with young wives and mothers in desperate and abusive situations, it is hard to understand Mary Winkler. None of us will ever know what went on in that home, whether real or perceived. We "all sin and come short of the glory of God" and all of us need forgiveness - husbands, wives, preachers, mothers, etc..
    But as a mother, and especially a Christian, a woman will and should do all she can to protect her innocent children, including providing as happy and innocent a life as possible, using all of her resources to make the hurt go away.
    Women, through the years, have endured unspeakable things to secure their children's well-being.
    Now, when this tradgedy could be fading from being a constant and cruel reminder to the precious children and family and friends, the hurt is about to be dessed up as a "social issue".
    This will all be painfully, shamefully, and biopically rehashed in the most public way possible - and with the aid of the money-hungry purveyors of sensationalism.
    The Oprah show is an international media arena that often uses celebrities, personal devestations, and "issues" to promote all forms of immorality (including adultery, fornication, homosexuality to name a few), Hollywood idealism, materialism, and the worldly wisdom that reviles and denigrates God's Holy laws.
    This is a very sad day for many, especially the pure in heart.
    However each of us may respond to this, the Lord's church has survived countless trials through the ages and will survive this. God always reigns with all power to "work it out".