Thursday, January 3, 2008

"The Bible says..."

Riding home last night from Bible class I was congratulating Daniel for defeating Goliath. I don't have the story wrong, I know it was originally David who achieved this great feat. But in Daniel's Bible class they have a picture of Goliath on the door and a nerf sling shot. Last night, according to the teachers, Daniel hit Goliath right between the eyes. There was great celebration and fanfare. He was raised on shoulders and carted around the room and such - the usual treatment for fantastic achievements.

Not to be outdone, Luke then piped up from the back of the vehicle, "The Bible says that David hit Goliath with a stone, and then he took Goliath's sword and chopped of his head." That is, of course, the way it was done (1 Samuel 17:49-51). A rather gory truth, but still a truth. So much for the nerf slingshot.

What is important about this event from last night is not that Daniel hit Goliath with a nerf projectile. Although I am enjoying my children, and I am glad they talk and share with me, this is still not the main story. The important point is that my son knows what the Bible says. He knows because someone took the time to teach him. He knows because somebody took the time to take him to Bible class. He knows because children are interested in what the Bible has to say.

If my son hit a home run, I would be excited. If my son scored a touchdown, got straight A's, or won a community service award, I would be proud. But I would give up all of those possibilities immediately if my son could with regularity answer the questions of life with "The Bible says..." Because the grass withers, and the flower fades, but the word of our God endures forever.

"If anyone wills to do His will, he shall know concerning the doctrine..." ~ John 7:17

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  1. Great story, and an important truth. Thank you for reminding me to make it a priority!