Monday, January 14, 2008

Your Church Building Described

I asked my 6 year-old son Luke to define for me the different places in the church building where one may find himself. I gave him the one word description, and he responded with his definitions:

Pulpit - A thing that is wooden at the front of the church building where someone gets up and speaks a long time about God.

Pew - Some of those things that people sit on at church.

Nursery - Where babies go when they need comfort and peace.

Fellowship Building - The place where we go every New Year's Eve to play games, and to eat potluck on 5th Sundays.

Foyer - Where people sit down and talk to each other and sometimes they talk standing up.

Aisle - The walkway that me and dad go down to open the doors to whatever that is that starts with "F."

Auditorium - Where all the people go to worship.

Wings - The sides of the building that have those rectangle lights and that stuff.

Classroom - Where kids have Bible class and where teachers teach them about Jesus.

Baptistry - Where somebody goes into God's family (they have to believe and they have to hold their breath).

How familiar are you with the church building? I guess it all depends on how much time you spend there.


  1. It is great hearing kids describe things - this is a great example. Keep up the great work!!

  2. You have a very observant and well taught child at 6 yrs old.

    (former teacher)